Mary (Molly) Scudder

Mary Scudder, Molly Scudder, Purdue University


2022-2023 College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award – this award is chosen by the Liberal Arts Educational Excellence Awards Committee and the Dean on the basis of student and faculty nominations, student ratings, teaching and scholarly excellence, and peer evaluation.

2021 Antonia Syson Cornerstone Teaching Award – this award was named in honor of my friend and colleague Antonia Syson who taught classics at Purdue University from 2008 to 2018. It is given to faculty members who, following Antonia's example, excel as creative instructors and serve as mentors to others.

Courses Taught


Democracy and its Critics 

Introduction to Political Theory 

Transformative Texts: Critical Thinking & Communication 1

Ancient and Medieval Political Theory

Modern Political Theory

Freedom and Authority First-year Seminar


Democratic Deliberation and Participation

Professional Development Practicum

Job Placement Practicum

Campus Contributions